The accidents continue: mother suffers a fatal accident and the driver responsible fled off.

Los Angeles. Police are offering a $5,0 reward to help find the driver responsible for fatally striking a 000-year-old mother, who was trying to pull her daughter out of her car, then fleeing. Accidents continue to be serious.

Korina Campos had parked her Honda Civic on Boyle Avenue near Whittier Boulevard, at approximately 01:30 p.m., when the driver of a 2001 Toyota Corolla lost control of the vehicle, striking Campos and his 5-year-old daughter, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The anonymous driver abandoned the vehicle on the spot and ran away, police said. Two witnesses began a chase in order to capture the driver, but were unable to stop him.

Campos was thrown 40 feet from where she was before being beaten, according to police. She was taken to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, where she died of injuries that included very severe bruises. Her daughter was taken to the hospital with injuries described as serious, but with a high chance of survival. Investigators say Campos may have pushed his daughter out of the way to save her life, avoiding the accidents.

Police on Sunday announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to the culprit in the crashes for later arrest and conviction. Witnesses have described him as a man in his 30s, wearing a blue T-shirt and jeans. Officers said he may have suffered a bloody injury to the abdominal area.

One dead and one injured after a vehicle hit a trailer truck that was parked

OAKLAND — The driver of a car was killed and onepassenger was injured early Sunday when the vehicle they were riding in became embedded in the frame of a parked tractor when it collided with him, police said.

The injured passenger is in stable physical condition in the hospital.

The accident happened around 01:21 a.m. Sunday in the block of 57, an industrial zone south of 1300 International Boulevard. The Honda was heading south for 57 when it crashed into the rear of a 20-foot long trailer parked on the west side of the street.


Almost the entire carof what appeared to be a convertible, was wedged under the trailer.

Traffic police investigators were trying to determine if speed contributed or if other unknown factors played a key role in the outcome of the tragic accident.

Several eastbound lanes of International Boulevard between 56th and 58th Avenues remained closed for several hours while police investigated.

The law also crashes.

In the search for a stolen car, the agents suffered a violent accident colliding with several vehicles.

During a pursuit of a stolen high-speed carofficers were involved in a violent crash with at least two other vehicles, and were sent to the hospital Tuesday.

“I’m lucky I’m alive,” said the driver of a pickup truck involvedin the crash.

The search began in the Jefferson Park area at 9 p.m. when they received a report of a stolen Honda approaching the position they were inTheofficers in patrol vehicle immediately joined the chase and ended up crashing into a Pathfinder SUV on Crenshaw Boulevard.

The impact of the crash caused the patrol vehicle to spin around it and struck a Chrysler rolling through the intersection. “He passed and we crashed, followed and hit someone else over there,” said another of the drivers involved.

The man leading the chase continued in a hurry and eventually collided destroying an SUV on Adams Boulevard and Somerset Drive. He jumped out of the vehicle and tried to flee, but unsuccessfully because the police took him into custody. The officers involved in the accident were in serious but stable condition.

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