These are some of the crazy actions that people do when driving Distracted driving
is defined as any activity that can distract the attention of a person whose main task is to drive, and only that. But it has been observed that there is a remarkable inclination to multitask, cognitive research suggests that the brain tends to concentrate on a single activity, the highest priority, our brains simply cannot do two cognitive activities, such as reading and driving, at the same time.
But there are drivers who insist on testing this theory and taking distracted driving to another level, this has become a rather problematic epidemic, since there are an invaluable number of drivers who are treating their cars as an extension of their home, bathroom, dressing room, etc. Because they perform in the vehicle the same activities that they would do in those places, such as shaving, brushing or flossing their teeth, putting on makeup or changing clothes, all while driving a vehicle in the middle of a public road. Taking an unnecessary risk that is totally avoidable, just like driving drunk.
Young drivers are more likely to perform various activities when driving, placing themselves and others in danger. Those under 35 are more than twice as likely to read or text or use their phones, with the majority of statistics on distracted driving accidents being led by drivers under the age of 20.
Singing out loud has become the distracting driving activity that tops the hierarchy of the top five most dangerous distraction activities performed while driving (which should not be done under any circumstances, while driving a vehicle), such as reading or texting, talking on the phone, and eating. In addition to the top five activities listed above, consumers are integrating a wide range of new activities, treating the vehicle as an extension of their home.
It is irresponsible to cause pain and worry to your entire family by causing an accident that can be fatal by distracting yourself by driving and it is absurd at the same time to lose a family member or a loved one for brushing their teeth while driving, an activity that you can do prudently in the bathroom of your home five minutes or less. before leaving. dreamstime_xs_12642518
Remember, the police are obliged to fine you if they were to observe you with your eyes on the laptop solving last minute work deliveries and not focused on the road, they would fine you for distracted driving, it is preferable to save yourself a costly fine and also the embarrassment of being stopped by the police on the road in full view of everyone.

Activities performed by reckless people when driving:

Sing out loud.
Take selfies.
Have a phone conversation.
Read a text message or send a text message.
Read an email or send an email.
Take photos.
Change your contact lenses.
Put on deodorant.
Watch TV or movies.
Change clothes.
Read a newspaper, book, Kindle, or magazine.
Brush your teeth.
Work on your laptop.
Put on deodorant.
It should be noted that despite how eloquent it may seem, these actions are nothing but an act of absolute unconsciousness and perhaps it is thought that driving under the influence of alcohol could be worse, but they are equivalent actions in terms of severity, both circumstances are penalized with the same weight, being under the influence of alcohol you lose skill and ability to drive, But a distracted driver just doesn’t have his eyes on the road, horrible things could happen, maybe answering that text message is the last thing he does before suffering a catastrophic traffic accident.
Because of the serious danger of using a cell phone while driving a car, there is now a law in the state of California that prohibits car drivers from using their cell phone while behind the wheel of their vehicle.
Several studies showed that one of the main causes of car accidents is that the driver is distracted, this happens when the driver loses all his attention that should be focused on the road and vehicles or other objects in front of his car. And, most of those drivers admitted during questioning with the police investigator that they were using their cell phone when the crash occurred.
Social Promotion
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