Beware of misleading advertising offered by some referral lawyer services

The advertising market is full of mirages and this is not escaped by lawyers and lawyer referral services, especially when they are not really “lawyer referral services” at all. So if a company offers you a service whose ostensible purpose is to refer you to a lawyer, doesn’t that make it a referral service? Not necessarily, we regret to inform you that it may be a hoax.
The State Bar of California has very strict laws regarding the special certification that companies that are engaged in the business of referring the ideal lawyers to their clients, as the case may be, must have. Certification is the method these companies and the State Bar use to make sure that people who need a certain type of lawyer are protected from being referred to the wrong type of lawyer. These certified referral services must adhere to and comply with all kinds of rules and regulations that have been established by the Supreme Court to protect people who are looking for an attorney. The goal of certification is to make sure that people who hire lawyers are protected.
However, there is always a but in every story, there are many fraudulent companies that insinuate that they will find an ideal lawyer for and are not certified or regulated by the bar of the state of California. Some of these companies are large, have commercials on television and invest millionaire sums in advertising, you probably know some of them so you should be very attentive when hiring a reference lawyer service.
I repeat you must be very careful and cautious when hiring a reference lawyer service because, however reliable they may seem, some use misleading words or synonyms of reference. For example, somewhere their website may offer to find a lawyer and then elsewhere they may say that they are a source to identify a lawyer but not refer, this is an indication that something is not right and that it is not a reference lawyer service. And if the advertising is misleading you can imagine the quality of lawyer they can find for you, who is probably not the ideal lawyer you are looking for. Learn to recognize the signs of fraud to save yourself a hard time.
If you find it a good idea to hire a referral attorney service, check the list of companies listed on the California State Bar website to make sure they comply with all the rules and regulations that have been established by the California Supreme Court for the protection of people seeking a referral attorney service who will find the right attorney for your type of case. Misinformation can embark you on a bad deal that will bring you more problems than solutions. In short. Before hiring a lawyer, do some research and know for sure who you are really dealing with.
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