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Cyclists vs. The world

When changing direction and making a left turn the driver of a motor vehicle is obliged to check that the road is clear to move forward and if not yielding should the way to vehicles coming in the opposite direction, this includes bicycles. Unfortunately, there are times when drivers do not see cyclists and a collision is generated, due to the difference in size between both vehicles.
All car drivers are expected to have a minimum of consideration for bicyclists and allow them to have enough space to travel. However, some drivers become impatient and attempt very risky maneuvers to pass cyclists, which can result in a side collision that drives the cyclist off the road.
On many streets, the bike lane is close to the parking lane with little space between them. In this type of accident, a car driver forgets to check for bicyclists crossing the lane before leaving the parked vehicle, what happens next is that the cyclist runs the bad luck of crashing into the door or being hit when the car backs up to get out of the parking lot. In either case, the consequences can be lethal.
A car driver might not stop at an intersection, or fail to yield to a bicyclist at a crossroads, causing a damaging or even fatal collision.
Of course, there are cases of bicycle accidents that do not involve car drivers. But the unsafe conditions, the state of deterioration of the roads due to improper maintenance. A bicycle with a defective factory design is another factor that can contribute to bicycle accidents.

Fun facts about Bicycle Accidents:

  • Most of the people who have died in bicycle accidents were male.
  • Hospitals treat more than 500,000 people for bicycle accidents each year.
  • Bicycle helmets offer 85 percent effectiveness in reducing head injuries and brain damage.
  • The highest rate of fatal bicycle accidents ever recorded occur during the summer months (July, August and September) between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. In urban areas.
  • Head injuries are the most common form of injury in bicycle accidents.

Riding a bicycle on public roads is not as simple as it seems; Although traffic conditions have been optimized and laws have integrated safety standards for cyclists, California was the first state to pass a law on strict helmet use for cyclists. Although cycling has become safer in recent years and bicycle accident deaths account for less than 2 percent of traffic fatalities, there is a dark side, a sort of legal disadvantage. When someone is injured or killed in a bicycle accident, disputes arise about the cause and circumstances of the collision. It is a priority to gather as much evidence as possible regarding the accident and to have witnesses to ensure that the accident claim will be successful.
One study reported that three out of four drivers who caused bicycle accidents never received citations for their crimes. The attorneys at Avrek Law Firm are charged with protecting the rights of bicyclists in Southern California, we can help you handle the insurance companies and negligent parties involved in your case, while you and your loved ones recover monetarily, physically, and mentally from the tragic event.

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