California’s Most Dangerous Roads

Special report on the 3 most dangerous roads and iterstates in Orange County
According to a survey conducted by the United States Census Bureau, it is estimated that in 2013 California had 38,332,521 residents and of those millions of residents, 24,643,432 of them have a genuine driver’s license, issued by the state. With so many drivers constantly cruising California’s roads and interstates, it’s no wonder that both roads and interstates are notoriously congested and some are particularly dangerous. There are many reasons why a highway or interstate can be considered “dangerous” generally the factors that cause accidents on these roads and interstates are:
The condition of maintenance of the road Amount of traffic and its ease of transit
condition The negligent behavior of
other drivers, such as aggressive behavior, speeding, lack of experience.
If you are a resident and have started traveling on the roads or maybe you are on a trip to get to know the beautiful state of California, it is important that you know which are some of the most dangerous roads and take the necessary precautions to drive on them safely.
Interstate 15 or I-15 Interstate 15
that runs from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most dangerous stretches according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. The 180-mile section is traveled by 8 million drivers each year. Topping Popular Mechanics’ list titled “10 of America’s Most Dangerous Roads.” Over a 14-year period, 466 deaths have occurred in 1-15 and about half of those victims were not wearing seat belts. Many specialists insist that distracted driving was another factor responsible for a large percentage of car accidents on I-15.
Interstate I-5 “La 5
” is the second busiest and most dangerous highway in California. This highway runs along the north-south ends along the coast of San Diego and is traveled by at least one million drivers, every day. This large artery is subdivided by a large number of intersections and exits that link it to several highways, orienting yourself when driving on this interstate can be a confusing and frustrating task for even the most experienced drivers in California. One of the intersections best known for its bad luck with traffic accidents along I-5 is a stretch called “The Merge.” This fearsome intersection has earned its reputation as dangerous by the sudden decrease in the number of lanes and traffic reaches a stop that generates traffic jams, which causes many vehicle accidents every day.
Interstate 10
I-10: Interstate 10 has a particularly dangerous stretch that is 150 miles from Phoenix, Arizona near the California border, but the other stretch of the east-west interstate is also not without danger especially when driving through cities such as Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and San Bernardino. High traffic volume is one of the biggest faThere are also other hazards on the road such as speeding and distracted driving that are also causes of fatal crashes in California. Due to the increase in traffic accidents on I-10, the California Department of Transportation built special sites to conduct accident research and studies to help determine the causes of accidents and prevent fatal accidents.
We advise you to drive with caution when traveling these highways and interstates. But above all we insist on driving carefully on any road in the country, in order to avoid traffic accidents.
These three California interstates have proven to be the “nightmares” of many drivers because of the danger they must face while traveling daily, especially inexperienced or distracted drivers. However, driving correctly makes it possible to travel such roads without becoming another figure of traffic accident statistics.
One of the safest and most responsible things you can do while driving I-10 for the first time or if it’s part of your daily routine is to be alert.
It is also important to remember that paying more attention to the messages received from the mail or making a phone call while driving increases the risks of suffering an accident even when traffic stops at traffic lights, we know it can be tempting, but every second that passes without looking at the road can lead to an unfortunate event. Try to plan ahead for your routine and do all those activities before you leave home or when you arrive at your destination securing your life and that of other people, you can also save a lot of time by checking the California traffic channel and weather report. Remember that being impatient and aggressive when driving will not get you to your destination faster. Relax and drive with caution to reduce danger on interstates.

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