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Whether you’re traveling for work or vacation, flying is often the most convenient method of travel. However, accidents can still happen at any time between departure and arrival. If you were injured during your travels and think you may have an airline injury case, speaking with an experienced airline injury attorney is the first step in recovering compensation.

When can an airport be sued for an injury?

If you’re walking through a terminal about to board a plane and experience a slip and fall on airport grounds, technically the city (not the airport) may be liable. Everything changes the moment you get on a plane, as the responsibility passes to the airline. What is important to understand about injuries sustained while traveling with an airline is how liability changes at each stage of the journey.
Airport Facility Personal Injury and Your Legal Options

Airports are classified according to their size, the number of passengers they receive each year and the type of merchandise they transport. For the purposes of this article, we will only focus on commercial service airports. These types of airports include Los Angeles (LAX), Van Nuys (VNY), and San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Although these airports are operated by an outside government department, Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA), they are technically owned by the City of Los Angeles.

What is a common airport injury?

This may come as a surprise, but it is more common for people to be injured at the airport than on the plane. According to the International Airport Review, muscle sprains and strains, as well as torn ligaments, are more common than injuries sustained in airborne turbulence. Between escalators, elevators, conveyor belts, and slippery floors, there are several obstacles that hurried travelers must navigate before boarding their planes.

That’s why it’s always a good practice to give yourself plenty of time as you make your way from the security checkpoint to your gate. However, spilled coffee on a polished tile floor or tripping over a frayed carpet are real possibilities that can result in an airport slip and fall accident for even the most cautious traveler.

What is a common airborne injury?

The risk of injury on a plane is incredibly low. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), between 2008 and 2020 there was an average of 2.84 injuries per millionth departure. In these cases, turbulence was the main cause of injury in adults. However, a pediatric study found that the leading cause of injuries to children on airplanes is burns from spilled hot liquids during meal service.
Who is responsible for air accidents on board an airplane?

The manner in which the injury occurs can determine who is liable and whether you can sue the airlines for negligence. For example, if a flight attendant fails to properly close an overhead compartment and this results in an injury, the airline could be held responsible for the incident.

However, if the locking mechanism is faulty, the liability may pass from the airline to the airline manufacturer. The cause of the accident ultimately determines who is at fault for an in-flight injury. If the ground crew is the cause of a plane crash, then the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) can be held liable.

Can you sue someone for giving you COVID?

Although it is easier to prove liability in case of injuries, it is more difficult to determine who is at fault if you contract COVID during your next flight. COVID-19 lawsuits are becoming more common, but such cases are still within a developing area of law. Knowing if you were infected at the airport or on the plane is important when speaking with a coronavirus attorney to help determine if you have a case.
The Importance of Talking to an Airport Lawyer After an Injury

If you have suffered an injury while traveling and are still wondering “Can you sue an airport for an injury?” it is important to speak with an airline injury lawyer who understands how liability shifts between the gate and the arrivals hall. With over 50 years of combined experience in personal injury law and over a billion dollars recovered for clients, our team is here to help. Browse our locations and contact Abogado Contigo today for a free airline injury consultation!

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