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Car Accident Injured Are Between 18 and 27 Years Old

Before handing over car keys to your teen, you should keep in mind that the largest number of those responsible for car accidents are young people according to the rate of reported car accidents, and car accidents are the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S.

After someone dies in a car accident, family and friends usually remain with many questions.

What caused the accident? Could it have been avoided?

Fortunatelycar accidents are preventable, there are strategies that can optimize the safety of young drivers on the road.

There are proven methods to help teens and make them more skilled and safer drivers:

  • Seat beltTeenswho die in car accidents as drivers or passengers of the car mostly did not wear seat belts. Seat belts decrease the risk of potential injuries and deaths related to car accidents.
  • Driver’s License Programs: Driving is a complicated skilllack of experience, coupled with dangerous behavior, poses a greater risk of a car accident. Training and supervision are necessary to create new responsible drivers. This requires greater involvement from aspiring parents who aspire to teach their teens to drive.

L Driver’s license programs are associated with reductions of 38% and 40% in fatal crashes and injuriesproportionally, among teen drivers. When parents know their state’s laws, theycan help enforce those laws and help keep teen drivers safe.

Teens, alcohol and statistics

quarter of fatal car accidents involve alcohol consumption while driving.

Many high school students admitted to driving car on one or more occasions when they had been drinking alcohol or driving after drinking.

Teens who start drinking at an early age are more likely to have an alcohol-related car accident. Nearly 60% of young drivers who have suffered fatal drunk driving accidents were not wearing a seat belt.

What form of negligent behavior can cause a car accident?

Among the main ones are:

  • Driving a car while intoxicated.
  • Speeding, a factor that can be disadvantageous when reacting to an extraordinary situation.
  • Make very risky maneuvers.
  • Ignore traffic lights and other traffic signals.

There are other improper actions that can distract the driver such as the use of telephone devices, video screens inside the car, putting on makeup, listening to loud music, looking for objects in the compartment located on the lower side of the dashboard of the car.

The important thing is not to stop highlighting as many times as possible that driving a car implies a great responsibility that requires absolute concentration of the person behind the wheel.

When someone is injured in a car accident in Southern California it is imperative to get the appropriate medical treatment regardless of the monetary cost. When a car accident in San Diego is serious or fatal, it is urgent to find an experienced car accident attorney. Nomatter what the cause, car accidents are frightening events: they can cause physical and mental illnesses that are negatively changing. Our experienced legal staff will do everything possible for you to obtain maximum compensation.

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