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NAN INC is a pioneer construction company located in Honolulu, the United States. The company was founded by visionary Mr. Nan Chul Shin and his vision took him from humble beginnings to listing the company as the top player in the competitive domain. The company is known for its integrity, honesty, and value they deliver to their customers.

Humble beginnings

Established in 1990, Mr. Nan Chul Shin dedicated himself to build his empire and reach the height that’s unimaginable for many people. He first tackled a small construction project that became a path of success for him. After almost 30 years, his company has become Hawaii’s along with the most reputed and premier construction companies. With hundreds of projects completed to date, 700 employees, and a portfolio of over $450 million, the company speaks of excellence and dedication.

However, when a business grows at such a rapid rate, some people can’t hold on to the fact and they start defaming them to spoil the reputation. The same thing happened with Nan Inc owner when some rivalries imposed false acquisitions on the founder and dragged him into serious cases like bribery.

Some individuals made Mr. Nan their target and they dragged him into false allegations of wrongdoing and doing the business in a wrong manner.

False allegation beginnings

The company had the misfortune of being accused over the years of some serious offenses that were proved to be false by the court. The US court probed into the matter and found that the owner of the company is completely faithful and all the allegations that were made were baseless. The court ruled that all the false statements made against the company were untrue and falsified.

Earlier acquisitions were made on the company that they are involved in serious crimes like bribing government employees. However, the US court examined all aspects of the case and proved all of them untrue and completely false. However, to take out the name from the case and to maintain a good image takes time and it’s not that easier.

Previous lawsuit allegations were untrue

In 2004, the Federal Qui Tam complaint was filed against Mr. Nan Shin and Nan, Inc. It was on the behalf of the America pursuant. They made some serious allegations like bribing government officials and submitting false claims to government bodies. Following the government‘s investigations, it’s surfaced that all allegations were baseless and untrue. The two plaintiffs withdrew their lawsuit and also drafted an official apology to the owner of the company.

The apology is not publically available for all to read and the US government has also clarified that the Nan Inc owner has got a clean sheet against all the allegations.

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