Whether we care to admit it or not, the being a lawyer is not about winning as much as it is about providing a great service to clients. This is something which has been lost in recent years, as more and more lawyers simply turn their attention towards getting the best outcome for their clients. This is not something which is exclusive to any particular branch of the law either and from truck accident lawyers to divorce attorneys, there are common complaints which clients will make about the service which they have been given.

Whether the law firm wins or loses the case, service should always be at the top of their list of priorities. These are some of the common complaints which clients make after they have used a legal team.

Kept In the Dark

There are a number of reasons why legal teams don’t give full communication about the status of a case to its clients. In some cases they are too busy because of the volume of clients they have taken on, and in others they simply believe that they client wouldn’t understand, or doesn’t need to know. No matter what the case is or what kind of client you have, it is imperative that you are keeping them in the loop with any changes to their case, expected or otherwise.

Failure to Speak to a Lawyer 

One very easy fix which law firms can make is actually putting their clients in touch with a lawyer when they make contact. You may be surprised to learn that less than 10% of clients actually speak with a lawyer when they first contact the law firm, which doesn’t do much to instill confidence in them.

Failure to be Heard 

Another common complaint which we hear from customers is that they don’t feel as though they have been properly listened to. This can be challenging for lawyers, as they are very rarely not attentive. The issue is often that a legal case is viewed as facts and figures which have to be prepared in the right way, and lawyers will give that approach rather than showing a real side of empathy.

Money Awarded

In cases where the client is seeking damages, a common complaint is that they are not properly prepared for the amount which they will receive. Of course the actual amount awarded is very rarely what the client will receive, once the fees and any additional costs have been removed. This is not necessarily an unhappiness about the amount of money which has been awarded, but rather the way in which it has been described to them. Again here we see that it is communication issues which make the difference, and that is something which all law firms have to make sure that they are laser focused on.

This is the kind of information which more law firms need to look at when it comes to making sure that they have clients who are happy.