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We all know that heat stroke is not a joke. The heat of long summer days can bring dangerously high temperatures that can put even those who are completely used to the weather at risk. This is especially dangerous for children, the elderly, and people who work in physically demanding jobs, such as construction.
As such, it is important to take the necessary steps to avoid being inadvertently taken over by heat.

Choosing the right outfit for your day

This is very important, as clothing not only protects us from the elements, but can also affect how our bodies shed excess heat. When choosing your clothing for hot weather, you should wear light clothing, specifically something that will keep you cool but won’t expose your skin too much to the sun.

Don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses and hats

Sunscreen is a must if you are going to be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, such as when you go to the pool or the beach. Wearing a hat will protect you from heat stroke and wearing glasses will protect your eyes from the constant reflection of sunlight.

stay hydrated

Your body naturally sheds heat through sweating, as it hydrates your skin and then evaporates, removing excess heat. However, sweat is made up of water, and that water comes from your body. The more you sweat, the more water you lose, and if you don’t stay well hydrated, then you risk dehydration which, in turn, makes it harder for your body to sweat and puts you at risk of heat stroke.

Be aware of the risk of your medication

Some types of medications will put you at greater risk of the effects of excessive heat. For example, a medication that increases the risk of high blood pressure may put you at risk of having a stroke. If you are on medication, do your best to stay indoors or at least in the shade.

Never leave anyone in a parked car

High temperature and enclosed areas don’t mix. At 90+ degrees at noon, the interior of a car can be more of a slow-burning furnace. Since there is no place for air to circulate inside the vehicle, heat will build up and the interior of a car will reach dangerous temperatures. Such temperatures can easily leave a person in need of medical assistance on the spot and are known to be a significant danger to pets and babies left inside cars. Not only that, but in many states, the police are allowed into a parked car in order to remove whoever is inside it.
Try to schedule work and exercise at cooler times of the day

Taking a midday hike in triple digit temperatures is extremely dangerous. Schedule your exercise routine for cooler times of the day. And in case of work, be sure to take breaks every hour or when you feel exhausted from the heat.

Be aware of heat stroke symptoms and keep an eye on your condition

Your body is smart enough to tell you where you are at risk based on your body temperature, however, you must listen to it to stay safe. Be aware of dehydration symptoms such as dry lips or mouth, if you feel a headache that is around your forehead or upper neck, immediately seek a shade and wait at least 15 minutes to cool down, if possible, also get water.

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