How to Decrease Your Risk of Being Involved in a Car Accident

How to Avoid Car Accidents

A large number of traffic accidents occur as a result of environmental conditions, rain tops the list of major weather phenomena that cause inconvenience to many drivers. It is common sense reasoning to assume that accidents will increase when it rains.

Another surprising phenomenon is the time factor, the number of accidents increases until reaching its peak point at 3 pm and gradually drops from 4 pm or 5 pm until 7 pm when accidents decrease almost completely as residents arrive at their homes. While accident statistics do not differentiate between a weekday and the weekend, you can evade all odds of having a car accident if you drive with great caution and always vigilant while driving.

Additional Ways to Reduce Accidents

At Avrek Law Firm we made a social commitment and provide assistance through our expert legal counsel, we also maintain a list of resources from which all readers can benefit. You can use this information to improve your driving skills regardless of the environmental conditions for driving on the road.

For example, be sure to slow down your vehicle when it rains and the asphalt is wet. Water on the road greatly decreases the friction between the tire and the road, causing it to delay its ability to brake, usually taking twice as long. Start decelerating in advance and consider slowing down when driving.

Another thing you need to take into account is the number of cars that transit around you on the road. For example, something that can dramatically reduce the chance of an accident is staying away from interstates and busier roads during mass traffic hours. You can also disappear the chances of suffering from an accident by paying attention to the road and completely ignoring distracting devices such as smartphones or tablets. And last but not least, try to suppress your fighting instinct by avoiding competing with others.

Having represented so many clients in vehicle accidents in the past, we know firsthand how many accidents are caused by people who drive aggressively to get drivers to the front of them.

Interspersing routes in and out of traffic will help you save more time less than you can imagine. On average, a person can barely save about 30 seconds to a minute of time by driving in a hostile and aggressive manner. That figure can quadruple when you suffer a traffic accident that will not only waste you a lot of time, it will also cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. faster to your destination. The risk is multiplied when it rains, since, as we have explained above, losing control of the vehicle is much easier when the roads are wet. A few minutes late is nothing compared to the integrity of your vehicle and having to squander thousands of dollars of repairs.

Another thing you should consider is not driving at all while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Los Angeles is a rampant city and being responsible can be difficult, especially if you’ve been drinking. When alcohol is involved, the chances of having an accident increase even more. In addition, the threat of causing severe damage to private property or to the individuals around it becomes a fact.

A car accident can cause many injuries (major or minor), and we assure you that you will want to deal with none of them. But we will name them below:

Injuries Back Injury Foot/Ankle
Brain Damage

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