Does your supervisor threaten you? We tell you what to do.

To identify signs that your boss feels threatened by your potential at work.
Many supervisors tend to intentionally disqualify and demoralize workers with potential to prevent them from continuing to climb through and outgrow. It is a kind of defense mechanism to protect their position. Generally, people with an inferiority complex are those who show a preference for demoralizing others.

Why do they feel threatened?

It is a matter of territorial panic most bosses, that is, people who are passionate about delegating, aim to climb rungs on a corporate ladder and not an impeccable execution of their work. When a person who is in a higher position begins to doubt himself and his abilities loses leadership and to pay more attention to his basic instinct of survival, when an animal defends its territory usually demonstrates aggressive behavior, it is not surprising that there are many samples of intimidation employed through the tool of psychoterror par excellence that is psychological aggression.
When a superior usually reacts with panic of being exposed as someone incompetent who does not have what it takes to be a good leader, they waste energy trying to make sure that they do not look weak in front of their superiors or colleagues. They give more importance to obscure the good work of their workers than to be an exemplary leader.
Some signs that your boss is jealous of your performance:
Create a wall that prevents you from communicating directly with your superiors, so that you do not have good references from you and denigrate you at all costs. Instead of allowing you to reach your highest potential, a manager who is tormented by fear will be nervous that you can discredit him.
Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions of all. Even a manager who was well-meaning at first can completely change his behavior in an attempt to compensate for fear.
Signs that your boss feels threatened by you It will begin to move you out of the public eye, assigning you low-impact jobs for which you are overtrained, so that you
do not attract the attention of colleagues and superiors in the company. Trying to take him out of the game.
Don’t be surprised if your boss tries to exclude you from meetings, conferences, and any interaction with other executive members.
When your manager has resolved that you symbolize an indisputable threat, you will be assigned to sweep the floors and reorganize the filing system.
And if you are really good and do not make any mistakes, your threatened supervisor will take care of making you fail in vile ways in order to see you fail. Intentionally assigning you impossible short-term projects.
Another sign that you have managed to cause misfortune in your boss’s world is when your superior withdraws all the support he gave you.
They will begin to ignore you more and more and will not answer your emails, basically they will make it clear that you are on your own and that you do not think about getting intimate or trusting your superior.
Now, you must ask yourself a series of questions once you have detected being controlled by a territorial
chief: When your boss feels threatened by you should you stay or flee?
If I decide to stay, how can I deal with this situation?
Reflect before taking any impulsive actions, try to see the situation as reflectively as possible, even putting yourself in the shoes of your boss, because it could happen to all of us. However, if the situation does not change, it is better to confront the problem directly.mind with your boss.
The first step in correcting a possible abusive situation is to confront the perpetrator. Do this in a calm manner. Try to solve the problem with maturity by engaging in a decent conversation first.
In the second instance, if your boss’s reaction is not favorable but visceral, you should communicate your case directly with human resources. Keep objective information about the facts, for example, keep a record of incidents and ask your co-workers to testify on your behalf to prove the veracity of threats and mistreatment suffered by your boss’s animosity.
It is advisable to make a report about the incident in writing, because sometimes oral communication will not be enough. Write an unbiased description of the incident, specifying: time and naming the parties involved.
List violations, including certain threats. Try to keep the contents of the report as neutral as possible, without exposing your personal feelings.
But if during the complaints process, relationships have not improved and nothing works or you even feel that you could be a victim of the aggression of your boss, the undesirable time has come to sue the company for damages. It may also be the opportune moment to leave the company, the choice is entirely yours.
Consult with an attorney to review your options and be sure to include all reports and incidents that occurred during your work period in writing and emphasize specifying that you experienced harassment or discrimination. Being threatened in the workplace is not legal, and depending on the evidence you can obtain, you may be entitled to compensation.

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