Some of the current problems are claims for abusive floor clauses. In order to claim it is necessary to go to a floor clause lawyer to be able to make use of the rights that are possessed in terms of claims of said clauses. The reform of the Mortgage Law encouraged more and more people to go to lawyers to make their claims correctly, since these lawyers are responsible for making the judicial claims of customers affected by these circumstances. Read on if you might find this information helpful.

The amounts overpaid retroactively derived from these clauses and the elimination of the floor clause are the main reason why more and more people come to the services of these lawyers specialized in these issues. This is something that bothers the banks and therefore threaten those affected and try to convince them that reporting for that reason will not have positive results for the affected. This can be avoided with the mediation of a  floor clause lawyer who will be in charge of making all claims to whoever is necessary and will take care of all the management of collections, in case it is necessary to do so.

The benefits of going to a lawyer specialized in these cases are diverse. Among them, mention the emotional benefit of not having to worry about all the procedures and functions to make the claim. And of course the economic benefit that increases the chances of success in the claimed collection, although you have to pay the lawyer, the benefit is quite large since the definitive elimination of the floor clause is received and the money paid more by the affected person will be recovered.

Having a law firm like stayhardlonger in which we offer you customized solutions is synonymous with success.

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