Multiple crashes in Pennsylvania resulted in three fatalities and more than 40 injuries in 2016. Mass accidents continue.

A snow ringwas the cause of a multiple crash on Interstate 78 in Pennsylvaniakilling three people and injuring more than 40 people, authorities said.

At 9:45 a.m. Saturday morning in the eastbound lanes of the highway in Bethel Township, about 75 miles (120 kilometers) from Philadelphia. A storm covered the road generating automobile chaosit is estimated that the sum of the vehicles that were involved in the accident resulted in more than fifty vehicles and forty people, who mostly had to be transported to medical centers for serious injuries.

The road was closed in both directions after the accident60 vehicles collide due to a snowstorm in 2015.

Extreme weather conditions worsen the ability to drive this makes busy highways a very dangerous place to travel, when snow and wind intensity cloud drivers’ field of vision and make the pavement a slippery ice skating rink, producing massive and fatal accidents. A similar situation occurred in Wyoming in the United Statesafter snowstorm generated a massive accident involving 60 vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, public private transport and private vehicles.

Two people were killed and several injured. The accident was the aftermath of another aggressive accident of very similar characteristics on the same road four days earlierDue to the recidivism of the accidents, the authorities consider closing the road when similar weather conditions occur again, to prevent another tragic incident of these magnitudes from happening again in that place.

A storm causes the collision of 100 vehicles in 2014 and more massive accidents

The snowstorm that we will mention in this note also caused multiple road accidents in the region.

Approximately 100 vehicles were involved in combined accident on one of Ontario’s major highwayssnowstorm that suddenly appeared neutralized the visual field of a hundred drivers leaving them almost blind with luminescence.

The accident happened on Highway 400, which connects in the north of the province of Ontario, in a route that travels about 80,000 vehicles dailyPolice said only three people involved in the crash had to be taken to hospital after the massive collision, which took place in sub-zero 20 degrees Celsius.

Highway400 was closed nearly ten hours after the multiple collision due to the magnitude of the accident. The snowstorm also caused multiple other road accidents in the region. Themost dangerous occurred in the vicinity of Sarniaapproximately 280 kilometers to the westwhen a minor aftershock of the massive accident occurred, in which about 30 vehicles crashed into each other. One person was fatally consequenced.

The annual incidence of mass accidents due to snowstorms seems a permanent factor, the only thing that seems to vary depending on the intensity of the storm is the number of injuries and fatalities that could be reduced to none if adequate emergency plans are implemented, in time, getting involved in a massive highway accident can bring high-risk consequences, For this reason we always advise drivers not to leave home when snowstorms are predictedthat way the chances of being injured or generating great material damage are reduced to zero.

Otherwise, when you are inevitably involved in massive car accident you need an experienced attorney who will fight tirelessly on your behalf. With over 30 years of combined experience and tens of millions of dollars recovered for injured clients.

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