How to Avoid a Car Accident: Things to Know About Defensive Driving Car accident

How can you avoid a car accident?

How can you avoid a car accident? Drive defensively.

If you were thinking about how you can avoid a car accident

What is defensive driving? Defensive driving is not just a slogan. It is a set of driving skills that will allow you to defend yourself against the possible results of a collision caused by other drivers or road conditions.

The golden rule to remember is that “when you are on the road, you are never alone”. In the best of cases, you will be sharing the route with other responsible drivers who will know the limits of their abilities and will try to make driving easier for others. At worst, you’ll be at the mercy of drivers who share little regard for the well-being of other drivers and pedestrians.
In addition to other drivers and pedestrians, defensive driving also protects you from hazards like bad weather, poorly constructed roads, and much more. If you do your best to ensure that you are looking ahead and always keeping an eye on the road, you may be able to spot potential hazards more easily. And therefore, you will be able to respond accordingly to them to protect yourself and others.
Here is a short list of good road habits!
Planning ahead for the unexpected

I never expected that when I drive, it will always be the same safe and controlled experience. At any time while you’re on the road, disaster can strike. You should always be prepared to respond to any urgent matter that may occur while driving. Always be ready to break at any moment, always keep a safe distance between you and the other cars, always be ready to control your car in case one of your tires breaks, your engine fails or a car crash is unavoidable.
Keep a short distance from the accelerator and brake

It is important that you always drive at a speed that you can control at all times. That means, a speed that will allow you to brake at any time whenever an obstacle appears.
Always be prepared for how to avoid a car accident

As said before, “When you’re on the road, you’re never alone.” As such, you should always be prepared to react to what other drivers are doing.
Never expect other drivers to think the same as you

You never expect all drivers to follow the rules. You may be a model driver with an impeccable record, but that doesn’t mean other drivers will follow suit.
Be respectful of other road users

One rule that most of our parents taught us is to treat others as you would like to be treated. When behind the wheel, be aware of the situation of the other driver/pedestrian.
Be aware of road conditions

By road conditions we mean anything that can affect driving. Anything from potholes to snow will definitely make your ride more dangerous. That means you need to be able to regulate your speed accordingly to keep your car in check.
Avoid distractions while driving

Anything that takes your eyes or mind off the road is a distraction that can put you in danger. Put down your phone, keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.
Following these tips gives you the best chance of avoiding an accident. However, if all else fails and worst comes to worst, we are here to help! Click here for your free personal injury consultation.

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