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Many people choose to use buses as a means of public transport every day, either because they do not own a private vehicle, to avoid the hassle of driving, to save money or because they want to reduce the negative impact that smoke causes in the environment.
Under the law, public transportation vehicles are known under the term “common carriers.” This means that these vehicles and their drivers have been authorized to move members of the general public from one location to another. Any type of public transportation is subject to this law, which includes all vehicles, from state- and city-operated buses, trains, taxis, planes, and ferries. In the State of California, ordinary carriers are forced to drive more responsibly than other drivers.
There is a wide branch of buses: city buses, articulated buses, long-distance buses, shuttle buses and regular buses. In many cases, most accidents involving a bus happen because drivers traverse the middle of traffic due to the obvious disproportion that gives them their height do not see what is happening around them. The consequences of a bus accident are unpredictable as they vary depending on the case, sometimes they can be measured in few or no catastrophic injuries but there are also cases where fatalities and permanent injuries occur.
In California, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), 9,409 bus and truck accidents have been reported, resulting in 75 deaths and 3,102 injuries.
Nationwide, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 234 fatal crashes. From 2004 to 2014, school buses topped the list carrying 41% of bus accidents. Transit buses accounted for 31% of accidents, while intercity buses accounted for just 13% of accidents.
In 2014, 100,000 trucks and buses were involved in traffic accidents in the United States and more than 132,000 people were injured.

Causes of Bus Accidents

Negligence committed by the bus company This is one of the leading causes of bus
accidents. Every year, more than 700 million passengers are transported thanks to the coach industry. However, bus companies are not as strict as the airline industry. Bus companies often neglect regulations that should be strict, such as unit maintenance, updating records, or proper training of their drivers. In some cases, they tend to neglect these regulations just to save money since maintaining all buses can be expensive.
driver negligence Bus drivers sometimes neglect the laws they are required to abide by. This is a particularly common occurrence in the case of charter and tour companies. Another example of non-compliance with laws occurs during “hours of service” that indicate how long a driver must remain on the road before ending their shift behind the wheel. There are also laws regulating crossings, bus speed, and stops at crosswalks. In some cases, bus drivers drive negligently by texting or making calls while working. The predominant factor in most bus accidents is that drivers did not receive the necessary training.
Bus driver fatigue
In the United States, fatigue is the leading cause of multiple fatal accidents on the roads. Fatigue occurs after long hours of driving without rest. Drivers who have sleep apnea are at great risk of causing accidents on the road. According to the American Trucking Association, their drivers have admitted to suffering from sleep apnea. This is a considerably high rate compared to the index that represents the general population which is barely in .
Bad weather
Bad weather produces poor conditions on the road which leads to the dreaded accidents. Buses are noticeably heavier than normal vehicles and are more difficult to maneuver especially if bad weather makes the situation worse. Despite this, the law states that bus drivers must be trained to drive under the worst weather conditions, so this does not lend itself as an excuse for negligent driving.
Blind spots
These are areas that due to the structure of the bus reduce the driver’s visibility when making crossings or turns and is a frequent cause of bus accidents.
turns This is one of the most common causes of bus accidents, especially at rush hour when traffic is torrential.
bus accidents occur due to the negligence of another driver on the road. One of the main causes of all traffic accidents, in general, is distracted driving and non-compliance with traffic rules and regulations.
Bus fires during an accident
These are very dangerous. What passengers isIn the back they have more chances to escape, but passengers in the front and middle can have serious difficulty escaping, as smoke and panic get in the way. 60% of bus fires start in the engine compartment while others originate in the tire area.
Steps to Take Once You Are Involved in a Bus
Accident First of all, make sure you stay safe and also assist the people around you as much as possible. Your health is a priority. Be sure to get medical help if you have suffered injuries.
Do not make statements to third parties or with the driver about what happened during the accident, as insurance companies can use that testimony against you.
Report the accident to the police. If it was a school bus, contact the school. You can also contact our attorneys.
Get the contact information of other passengers who were on the bus and the bus driver, this includes phone numbers and addresses. If you have a camera on your phone, take pictures of the scene. You should also get the contact information of the witnesses who witnessed the entire event
. Don’t tell the opposing party’s insurance company anything until you have talked to an attorney.
Contact an experienced personal injury attorney.
Legal Instructions for Buses in the State of California According to California
Civil Code §2100, common carriers “must drive with the greatest care and diligence for the safe carriage of passengers must exert all effort necessary for this purpose, and perform their duties with a reasonable degree of skill.”
In case the bus company or the common carrier in this case the bus driver, does not comply with safe driving laws, it is highly likely that the consequences of irresponsibility will cause serious injury to passengers or even death.
Buses are considered one of the safest means of transport on the road, but sometimes accidents are inevitable. Many people ignore the fact that they can receive financial compensation after being a victim in a bus accident.
After suffering a bus accident, you may be contacted by a representative of the bus company offering compensation. Usually these representatives do not have their interest in the heart and in many cases they are there to benefit their client, the bus company. It is important that you receive the advice of a qualified attorney before accepting offers from the insurance company representative. In many cases the figures are less than the amount you deserve.
Why You Should Hire an Attorney
If you have been involved in a bus accident in Orange County or the Los Angeles area, our attorneys will be on hand to help you resolve your case and ensure that you or your loved one receives fair or full compensation for any injuries that occurred at the fault of a negligent driver. We cover all cases of authowitzers the State of California, in Orange County, San Bernardino, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura and Riverside.

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