Car accidents happen every day in California. Fortunately, most of these car accidents are not fatal or even particularly dangerous. However, any type of crash can cause serious damage to your vehicle and cause long-lasting, changing injuries that affect your quality of life. In order to better protect yourself and your family from serious car accidents, it is important to know what types of accidents are most common on California streets, so you can learn how to avoid them. The following are the five most common types of car accidents and some tips on how to avoid them in the best way.

Rear-end collisions

When you follow another car too closely and the other driver suddenly stops, you may end up on top of the back of the other car. These accidents, while usually not too damaging, are easily the most common on the road. The best way to prevent them is to keep a safe and prudent distance between you and other cars at all times. Going too close to the tail of other drivers, even when driving in slow traffic, only puts you and others at risk.

Single vehicle crashes

Singular vehicle accidents occur often, especially among younger drivers.
These types of accidents include driving at high speeds off-road, slipping on ice spinning out of control, hitting stationary objects, and many other situations. Generally, making a small mistake or braking too hard to avoid an obstacle are the most common causes of these accidents. While the variety of these types of accidents makes it difficult to give advice on how to avoid all individual car accidents, there are two important actions you can take to avoid single-car accidents: avoiding dangerous speeds that make reacting to obstacles safely more difficult and taking extra care in inclement weather. such as ice, snow and rain as they make controlling your vehicle more challenging. You might be wondering if there are personal injury claims in single-vehicle car accidents. That’s a good question, and you can learn about third-party liability in other articles on our blog at AbogadoContigo.

T-bone or cross-traffic accidents.

Collisions at an intersection where traffic junctions are located are commonly called T-bone accidents. These are usually caused by a driver ignoring a red light or stop sign or taking a left turn without giving in to oncoming traffic. Since most T-bone accidents are caused by a driver’s negligence, the best way to avoid these accidents is to follow traffic laws. Unfortunately, not everyone is responsible behind the wheel. In order to avoid being a victim of someone else’s bad driving, take extra caution around intersections and watch out for signs that another driver isn’t paying attention.

Braking of other cars in traffic jams

Traffic jams (and cars around the vehicle that is causing the traffic jam) puts cars at risk of being hit by sudden braking. These types of car accidents are usually caused by a driver failure stressed in a traffic jam when checking all blind spots. In order to avoid these accidents, always look around and check for blind spots before changing lanes. In addition, not to accelerate, especially in areas where other drivers commonly get bottled. You may find it harder to see them properly when checking blind spots.

Low-speed accidents

Low-speed impact crashes may not be the worst, but they can do harm. Side crashes, parking collisions and other crashes under the speed of ten miles per hour can often occur in parking lots and residential areas, risking the lives of pedestrians. You should always be on the lookout for pedestrians in neighborhoods and other common pedestrian zones, and you should never speed up. Since many low-speed accidents occur while drivers are speeding without ascertaining the area, be very careful when looking for pedestrians before stepping on the accelerator.
Unfortunately, even with the best preventive measures, we cannot always protect ourselves from accidents. When people drive recklessly, they may be liable for damages caused by their accident. An experienced attorney at AbogadoContigo can help you obtain the best compensation possible. If you or a family member has been in any of these common types of accidents caused by a negligent driver, you may be eligible for compensation.

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