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Such was the catastrophic episode suffered by two women when they were injured by the sudden landing of a vehicle on the car in which they were. Bystanders managed to pull the two women out of the vehicle without fatal injuries before authorities arrived. Thevehicle fell from the third floor of a parking building at the Fashion Valley Mall in San DiegoCalifornia, on a Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Investigators in the case presume that the driver incorrectly pressed the accelerator instead of the brake while trying to park the vehicle.

In this case, it is clear that the two women were affected by the negligence of another person, but there are other cases whose circumstances tend to present a little more complex frameworks and the victims of these car accidents end up being underestimated by the insurance company that tend to offer a cheap solution fordefect, in addition this includes excessive paperwork, maybe unnecessary. When you are involved in this type of situation, what you require is a team of professionals in the legal field to help you obtain the appropriate compensation in cases of injury and personal injury due to the negligence of others.

And speaking of car accidents and injuries…

Let’s dig a little deeper into the most common types of injuries suffered when car accidents occur. A collision is an exchange of energy determined by two factors that are the direction and force that are received during said exchange, knowing these variables serves as guidance when attending to the injured.

  • Frontal collision the force of the impact: is the sum of the force ofboth vehiclescreating an expansive movement that stops suddenly when the vehicle stops, but passengers who do not wear seat belts continue to move tend to suffer dislocation or fracture of knees and hips, compression injuries and Pulmonary contusion.
  • Rear collision: happens when a parked vehicle or at low speed, is impacted in the rear by another whose speed is considerably higher, the force of the blow projects the impacted vehicle forward and also its passengers are prone to suffer injuries of the neck and at the level of the cervical vertebrae.
  • Side collision to the vehicle: when impacted in the sides it is displaced from the place ofthe blow, an effect that produces compression injuries to limbs and organs.
  • Overturning: due to the violent and unbridled movement ofthe carpassengers can receive multiple blows at several different angleshitting different organs in turn, this makes it more complicated to determine the injuries suffered by passengers.

The safety and lives of people is a priority issue thatunder no circumstances, should be taken lightly. Many of those affected by car accidents receive disparagement from insurance companies or less compensation than they deserve. There are some particular cases in which extraordinary events occur that could relieve the person responsible for the accident of fault.

Acase of force majeureWhen trying to avoid a person or vehicle the driver ends up hitting another pedestrian or another vehicle, due to the unpredictable nature of the event, it can also happen due to mechanical failures of the vehiclebut as mentioned at the beginning, they are extraordinary causes, unusual that can exempt the person responsible for the car accident, yes and only if these circumstances occurotherwisejustice must favor those affectedwho do not deserve to endure an unfortunate fact due to the ignorance and helplessness of the insurance companies, if this is their problem Lawyer Contigo will be responsible for stabilizing the situation helping to obtain appropriate compensation.

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