One person died in a traffic accident that caused a fire in Exposition Park

Los Angeles, California. Two people are suspected to have died in a fire caused by a traffic accident at Exposition Park on November 12. So far only one person has been confirmed dead in a fire near Highway 110 in Exposition Park on Saturday, they said in a report issued by authorities.
The crash was reported around 2:30 a.m. near the intersection of West 39th Street and Flower Drive, according to the California Highway Patrol report.
A vehicle suspected of being an SUV was exiting Offramp 110 when it crashed into a wall, Los Angeles Police Department Officer Nicholas Hill said. The vehicle then burst into flames.
Witnesses who were at the scene of the crash said the driver was traveling at a high speed, Hill said.
The incident occurred near a camp and officials originally believed the fire was coming from the site.
Authorities also originally thought there were two people in the vehicle, but later confirmed that the driver was the sole occupant. The identity of the victim has not been identified.
Michael Bradley, a witness who was in a nearby tent, said he and his friend heard squeaks of tires followed by a “very strong impact.”
“It surprised me and my friend a lot, also the person in charge of the store next to us,” Bradley said. “We knew it had to be something like a serious accident.”
They saw the wrecked car and noticed it started smoking. They tried to see if it was possible to get the driver out of the car, but the vehicle was engulfed in flames. Then they called the emergency services.
“There were intense flames across the street,” he said. “We could feel the heat coming from the fire and we couldn’t get close.”
The Los Angeles Fire Department also responded to the emergency call of the crash.

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