Pedestrianaccidents may be nearby

Pedestrian accidents are common in Southern California, it is important to know the law of drivers and pedestrians to avoida collision.

Drivers must:

  • Pedestriansare always allowed to cross pedestrians.
  • Do not park the car in the middle of the pedestrian striping, this generates conflictive situations between pedestrians and drivers, disturbing public order.

One of the scenarios that involve greater risk on traffic roads is that of a vehicle reversing.

Stop the vehicle or slow down before passing another vehicle that is stopped in a traffic lane, until verifying that the driver of said has stopped to yield to a pedestrian.

When you are in the presence of a school crossing guard, wait patiently for all people to cross the street before continuing, including the guard.

Pedestrians must:

  • Ortilten the nearest sidewalk and crosswalk, pedestrian bridge or tunnel when possible.
  • Orbedecer to the official mechanisms of traffic control.
  • Camine on the left side of the street in front of traffic if there is no sidewalk.
  • Nor cross an intersection diagonally, unless the intersection has been specifically signaledto cross it in that direction.

The most common causes of pedestrian accidents due to driver negligence in California include:

  • Failure to check for pedestrians crossing crosswalks;
  • Irespect the traffic lights and do not stop at stop signs.
  • Avoid texting and reckless distractions when driving
  • Make sharp turns ifyou pay attention to the environment.
  • Exceso of speed.
  • Induceunder the influence of alcohol and drugs.

And the consequences of a run over by negligence of a car driver are not only manifestations of physical injuries and material loss, the psychological sequelae, the traumas created after suffering pedestrian accidents, carry really serious psychological consequenceswhich need almost immediate psychological treatment and if they are not treated, it is most likely that radical modifications will be generated in the acti. Tud of these people in the usual situations and should receive psychological as soon as possible and have the emotional support of their relatives.

Why does this happen? After being exposed to a stressful event, considerably disturbing, involving a bodily injury, an agitation disorder appears that is commonly known as “post-traumatic stress disorder”, among the main symptoms the following stand out: recurrent distressing memoriesdissociative reactions, persistent negative emotional state.

When someone turns out Injured in a Southern California Pedestrian Accident What Should Happen Next?

As soon as possible the injured person should contact their insurance company to find out if their insurance policy covers the required medical treatment and the steps to follow during the management process . Since insurance policies often have unique instructions for dealing with pedestrian injuries in traffic accidents, it is important to review the contract and speak with the insurance specialist for a detailed explanation of coverage.

When the results of pedestrian accidents culminate in a serious injury or fatality, it is important to find an experienced attorneyin these types of serious injury accidents, to begin the process of financial compensation by reason of the launch of an insurance requirement.

Injury or wrongful death claims are sometimes tangled and can be difficult to handle without legal help.

The general formula for personal injury compensation calculations is as follows:

$ Maximum = Pain Multiplied x Medical Expenses + Loss of Income

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