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Deciding on child custody using legal channels through child custody attorney tulsa ok is the last resort if the spouse or parent does not reach an agreement in a family conversation.

Marriage can be said to be one of the most basic and sacred forms of the covenant for every human being. Marriage is a symbol of the union of two people, as well as two families. They both tied themselves together for life as they waded through life together. Marriage is often a symbol of and stability of society. However, the reality is sometimes not as beautiful as a dream. It cannot be denied that quite a number of marriages end in divorce. The reasons for divorce are manifold. Starting from adultery, polygamy, economic problems, disagreements that cannot be resolved, to partner health problems.

There are many things that husbands and wives have to think about when deciding to divorce. Apart from these assets, another crucial thing to think about is the distribution of child custody rights.
Of course, children will have the greatest impact on their parents’ divorce, especially if they are still very young and do not understand much about household problems. The struggle for custody is inevitable, which causes parents to end up using legal channels and using the services of child custody lawyers.

Both father and mother certainly have their own way of educating their children, and this is the main reason child custody is contested. That children who are still young and need maternal love and care should be left to the mother when both parents divorce. However, the court also reserves the right to grant custody of the child to the father in some circumstances. What are the conditions referred to?

Giving custody of children to the father is not uncommon in divorce. Judges may make such decisions based on considerations of the benefit of the child which is influenced by several things, such as:

Mutual agreement

If the mother and father have made an agreement that custody of the child will be granted to the man after the divorce, the court can grant the request.

Witness statement

If there is a witness who charges against the mother in obtaining custody of the child, the court may give the right to the father.

Mother is not responsible

If the court sees the potential for mothers to abandon their children, it is possible that child custody will be given to the father.

Economic factors

If the father is considered to have better economic factors so that he can care for the child more properly, then the father can get custody of the child

Closeness with father

In children who are older and choose to be with their father because of their closeness, custody of the child can belong to the male party.

Environment and culture

The environmental conditions in which the child will be raised can also be considered by the court in granting custody of the child to the father.

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