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Although details are not publicly available regarding how the case referenced in this article was resolved (or if it resulted in a successful settlement in a nail salon lawsuit), countless similar cases have surfaced and been pursued. successfully since the original publication of this post. . According to a 2017 study, 42% of surveyed salon clients reported skin problems after a visit, while 10% reported infections. A related study found that many nail salon workers needed “comprehensive training in the use of chemicals,” leaving both clients and workers at risk of environmental hazards. If you have been involved in a personal injury at a nail salon, or need to file a nail salon infection lawsuit, read below to learn how Abogado Contigo can help you.

A Santa Clara woman filed a personal injury lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court for personal injuries against Dynasty Nails, a salon located on Boquet Canyon Road. The woman, Sonia Algara, claimed that the poor pedicure caused an infection in her toe, which was later amputated to stop the spread of the infection. She said that on March 15, 2015, she went to the salon and paid $20 for a pedicure, as stated in a CBS Los Angeles news report.

Salon Operator’s Reckless Negligence Resulting in Toe Amputation and Nail Salon Lawsuit

The courtroom attendant recklessly cut the complainant’s skin with a pair of scissors. The laceration occurred between his fourth and fifth toes on his left foot, causing intense pain and infection. Later, the infection worsened despite proper medical treatment by a licensed physician.

The woman’s attorney also reported that her client was a diabetic and had informed the salon attendant as such. Her doctor told him that he should amputate her infected toe as soon as possible, as the infection had spread so fast and it was the only medical option left to save her entire leg.

Because the author’s toe was amputated, her balance was affected, which interfered with her ability to walk up the stairs as she normally would. In addition, the complainant stated that she could no longer wear certain types of shoes. According to the complaint, the victim is seeking an unspecified amount of damages against the salon for medical reimbursement and damages, including pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

A Warning to the General Public Regarding the Potential for Personal Injury at the Nail Salon

This particular lounge, which is the subject of a lawsuit, was reviewed on Yelp with a three and a half star rating at the time of the complaint. Clients should keep the following concerns in mind when choosing a nail salon:

Examine the equipment and paraphernalia in the salon. It must be clean and hygienic, so as not to cause infections or contamination. The utmost importance should be given to cleanliness.
Always ask questions about salon procedures and the products they are using.
Keep an eye on how the salon attendant performs tasks, to be sure that everything is done with extra care.

Look around the entire store, noting how they dispose of waste, how they treat used tools, and how they store unused supplies. You can also review the guidelines set forth by the United States Department of Labor (OSHA) regarding health and safety in nail salons. From there, you can determine if it’s worth going to the salon in question for a pedicure or manicure because of the potential risks to your health.

Can I Sue a Nail Salon for Infection or Injury?

If you are wondering “Can you sue a nail salon?” the answer is “Yes” in the case of an injury or infection. However, the outcome of any case generally depends on the quality of the legal representation. While it might appear that the salon infection lawsuit referenced in this article is an open and shut case due to the simple negligence of the salon attendant, it would still require an experienced and skilled personal injury attorney to demonstrate that such negligence resulted in serious cases. damages, in order to recover the maximum possible resolution of the demand from the nail salon.

How to Increase Your Chances of a Successful Nail Salon Infection Lawsuit

Usually, hiring a qualified attorney can be extremely expensive. With Abogado Contigo, however, you pay no fee unless we win your case. Abogado Contigo, a no-win, no-fee law firm, helps clients recover compensation at no cost. Read more about how the best attorneys at Abogado Contigo no win or fee get compensation for clients, without any prize or fee being explained to them, or see some of our previous successful cases and the personal injury claim amounts that come with them .

If you have been injured or infected at a nail salon due to someone else’s negligence, do not hesitate to contact Abogados Contigo for a free nail salon lawsuit consultation. With over $1 billion recovered in over 10,000 successful cases in the states of California, Arizona and Nevada, our firm has over 50 combined years of experience successfully resolving cases for clients. For more information on how attorneys for personal injury Lawyer With You could help, contact us today, we want to know more about your case!

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