Jamie Foxx is not only an action hero on the big screen, he is also a real-life hero: the actor rescued driver from an accident that could easily end his life.

The actor came to the rescue after noticing a car accident that took place relatively close to his home in Southern California on Monday night.

The California Highway Patrol said pickup truck left the highway in unadded areas of Ventura Countythen entered a ditch, rolled multiple times and culminated in burning fire with a male driver trapped inside.

Real Life Heroes in California

Foxx told reporters Tuesday that he heard the crash of his home, called 911, and rushed to the scene of the crash. He said another man, an off-duty paramedic who was driving through the area of the incident and advantageously brought with him large EMTs” scissors that both used to break the window of the truck, cut the man’s seat belt and pull him out.

Foxx said that “five seconds after removing the man the truck caught fireAfter the accident and reunited with the man’s father ayer at night.

This is all that matters. May a man, a son, the life of a brother have been saved last night. God had His arms around all of us… There are no heroes… Just happy parents. “– Jamie Foxx

The victim hasbeen identified as 32-year-old Brett Kyle, who suffered broken bones and a punctured lung but is expected to survive. Foxx met and spoke with Kyle’s fatherBrad, before addressing the media.

“I don’t see it as heroic action,” Foxx said“I look like, you know, just , I had to do something. And everything worked properly.”

California HeroesBrad Kyle said he had been shown surveillance video from the scene of the crash in California, and saw several cars that passed near the crash without stopping to help.

“I kept seeing and thinking, ‘Oh my thing, my dadI didn’t have to do anything about it and he did, Kyle saidbroken in tears as he spoke. “I think we all hope for doing something good at the right time. But the question is, do we act in the moment or do we stop to think, do we fearroses for our own life? He didn’t .”

Foxx, winner of an Academy Awardfor playing singer Ray Charles in the 2004 biopic “Ray,” played the villain Electro in 2014 of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ and the rebellious slave in 2012 of “Django Unchained.”

Saved from the flames by a good Samaritan.

A woman in California who was driving her truck in thewrong direction before crashed and was rescued by a good Samaritan on Friday, Jan. 22, 2016.

A woman driving in the wrong direction via Highway 210 was rescued Thursday night by another driver who witnessed the crash, after the vehicle crashed and caught fire, the man stopped and got out of his vehicle, jumped over the center divider to try to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. He and two California Highway Patrol officers knocked down the glass to get the woman out of the vehicle.

The accident occurred at 10:05 p.m. about an SUV heading quickly in the opposite direction from east to west in one lane of Highway 210 near the calland “carnelian at Rancho Cucamonga.”

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