Safety Tips for Motorcyclists When Driving in the Middle Lanes

First before you leave your place and go through the free space between vehicles, make sure it is legal in your state. You should also do it in a safe and prudent manner as it will reduce the chances of an accident occurring.
Driving between lanes is a safe strategy only when traffic is slow or very congested. When traffic is congested, it is much safer to drive in half the lanes compared to moving traffic.
You must have special safety equipment on your motorcycle, for this make sure you have a helmet, gloves, boots, etc. Side mirrors are essential to see the traffic behind you and thus avoid traffic accidents.
In case you are involved in a motorcycle accident, if you can prove that you were riding your motorcycle in a safe manner you will increase your chances of not being found guilty by a judge or insurance company.
Here are several tips that will make you drive safely:

  • Always be alert when riding your motorcycle, especially the cars around you.
  • While driving, be sure to wear reflective clothing and have your headlights on
  • Be careful when crossing near the vehicle’s blind spot.
  • When the speed of traffic in general reaches more than 30 mph, re-enter the lane
  • When two vehicles get too close, bugle! Slow down and pass only when the distance between them is safe.

Shared Lane
Accidents Motorcycle Laws in California
Lane splitting consists of riding a motorcycle or bicycle between lanes or rows of stationary or slow-moving traffic. The divider lane helps motorcyclists and reduces traffic congestion.
It has also been proven that it is safe for motorcyclists to drive between cars, as stopping behind other vehicles, especially large vehicles, can be dangerous. The action of sharing lanes is also called filtering.
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Is zigzagging lanes legal?
Zigzagging between lanes is illegal in the United States, except in one state, California.
California allows motorcyclists to make changes between lanes when done in a prudent and safe manner, so it’s not illegal. The specific meaning of “safe and prudent” is left to the free interpretation of judges and police officers.
The law also provides that vehicle drivers must not intimidate motorcycles from cutting through the free spaces between lanes. According to CVC 2240, hindering or blocking a motorcyclist intentionally in a way that could cause them harm is illegal. The most common question is “can motorcycles drive between cars?” And the answer is: in California, yes.
Safety rules when riding a motorcycle and when it is not okay to zigzag between lanes
When traffic is moving too fast.
If there are dangerous environmental conditions (moisture, dirt, etc.)
In a toll booth
On a curvilinear
road If you don’t feel safe
Between buses, RVs, etc. Lane Split Accident Statistics
According to the University of California, Berkeley motorcyclists who zigzag in lanes when there is heavy traffic are less likely to be hit by other motorists from behind.
The rate of head and torso injuries is also lower, according to reports from the American Motorcycle Association.
The Center for Research and Education for Safe Transportation (SafeTREC), indicates that the main causes of motorcycle accidents while dividing the lane are caused by distracted and inattentive vehicle drivers, another factor of accidents is environmental conditions such as poor visibility.
According to U.C Berkeley:

  • Lane splitting is safe as long as traffic moving less than 50 mph and motorcyclists must not exceed the speed of moving vehicles at 15 mph.
  • Motorcyclists who stray from the lane are more likely to sustain head injuries than those who don’t.
  • 81 percent of motorcyclists who separate from the lane wear a full helmet compared to those who do not split into lanes.
  • Drivers who divide the lane are less likely to consume alcohol.

La división del carril es común en muchos países en todo el mundo, especialmente en áreas altamente urbanizadas, tales como Asia y Europa.
La división de carriles es un método de conducción que  aunque parece arriesgado funciona, reduciendo los accidentes y la congestión del tráfico, por eso es una práctica popular en todo el mundo. La American Motorcyclist Association apoya la división de carriles siempre y cuando sea seguro.
Lesiones causadas por accidentes de división de carril
Los accidentes de división de carril pueden ser muy peligrosos y causar lesiones graves.
Estas son algunas de las lesiones que se pueden sufrir:

  • Heridas en la cabeza
  • Latigazo cervical
  • Lesiones en el cuello
  • Lesiones en la espalda
  • Hemorragia interna
  • Fracturas de hueso
  • Lesiones de la médula espinal

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When a lane splitting accident occurs, motorcyclists are most likely liable. In other cases, it may be the fault of the driver, but proving fault in a traffic accident is a difficult matter to prove. When the court or insurance adjuster accuses the motorcyclist of careless driving, motorcyclists cannot obtain compensation. It is then up to the motorcyclist to prove that the other driver contributed to the accident. If he or she is able to prove this, they may be able to recover for the damages caused.
It is always a good idea to schedule a consultation with one of our motorcycle accident attorneys to discuss your case and traffic laws that may have been relevant to prove the following and obtain compensation:

  • The motorcyclist is an experienced driver
  • The motorcyclist was driving carefully.
  • Motorcyclists have completed a driving safety course.
  • The driver of the car did something that was more dangerous than lane splitting. This may include making an abrupt lane change without signaling.

What to do after an accident?Motorcycle Accidents

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The statistics presented on this page make it clear that a motorcycle accident can leave a motorcyclist with serious injuries and thousands of dollars in medical bills and other expenses. If you need help negotiating with insurance companies and adjusters, turn to the trusted attorneys at Avrek Law Firm. Our personal injury attorneys have years of experience representing motorcycle accident victims.

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