Personal injury attorneys across the country are asking users for information about distracted driving vehicle accidents caused by using the mobile app called Snapchat

Lawyers have created websites to explain the laws on distracted driving, sent press releases about the possible involvement of Snapchat in certain accidents, there are also multiple blog articles explaining the reasons about the dangers of using the application while behind the wheel.
A recent case that serves to exemplify the seriousness of the situation, is the case of Wentworth Maynard, a resident of Georgia, the accident occurred earlier this week, when Maynard sued Snapchat and a young driver responsible for a vehicle accident that left him with serious brain injuries.
The lawsuit alleges that Christal McGee, who was using Snapchat while she was driving at high speed, was going over 100 mph, because she was using the “speed filter” feature.
While she was distracted, her car crashed into the Mitsubishi Maynard was driving, according to the complaint. Who suffered severe brain trauma as a result.
McGee wanted to post a picture of herself driving fast. She argued that she was, trying to get the speed marker to signal 100 miles per hour to put it on Snapchat. The victim’s lawyers said. A passenger in McGee’s vehicle said he had touched 113 mph on the Snapchat filter, they added. When the vehicles collided, the speed was 107 mph, according to the complaint. The speed limit was 55 mph. While she was distracted using her phone, McGee didn’t realize that a gray Mitsubishi, powered by Maynard Wentworth, had been ejected off the street.
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Snapchat has not commented on the accident, but has issued the following statement: “No Snap is more important than someone’s safety. We actively discourage our community from using the speed filter while driving, including displaying a warning message that reads “Do NOT Snap and Drive.”

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