Medway. Southern California.

3-year-old Liam Stoltz is too young to know how lucky he is to stay alive after he and his father were hit by a vehicle while riding their bikes in Medway, Southern California. Afterreaching a stop sign and resuming their march they were hit from behind by an SUV. Liam took the brunt of it.

The family says the helmet saved his life. Liam sufferedtwo broken fingers and some scratches, but overall he is expected to be fine. Fortunately, the vehicle was not going very fast, but Liam Julie’s mother says that if Liam had not worn helmet at the time of the accident, this would be a completely different story.

Hit by an imaginary vehicle.

Van Nuys. Southern California. A cyclist is in critical condition after being hit by a “goose and flee” driver. The search for an unidentified driver who left a cyclist seriously injured in Van Nuys was called off when police learned there were no cars involved after all. Theinvestigation revealed that the cyclist fell off his bike and hit his head while riding a bicycle under the influence of intoxicants, police said.

A good Samaritan came to his aid the night of the crash near Saticoy Street and Woodley Avenue after he couldn’t help but notice the man lying in the middle of the street next to his bicycle, according to the Los Angeles and Southern California Police Department.

Whether due to personal recklessness or negligence of otherswhen someone is seriously injured in a bicycle accident, the first period of time after the accident is spent on receiving medical treatment and dealing with the new reality, of physical pain, work rest and the paralysis of daily life. After a serious or fatal bicycle collision when the accident is caused by a negligent driver, there may be useful financial compensation for the victims.

Southern CaliforniaRoad sharing tips

  • It is important for Southern California drivers to treat bicycles just as they would a vehicle, for no reason should they underestimate the speed of bicycles.
  • Before acceleratingyou should look in all directions, this rule goes for alltypes of vehicles and pedestrians. Signal all your movements when driving on the road.
  • Motorists who drive too fast put everyone around them at risk of an accident. Obeying the speed limit and stayingalert are always essential ways to prevent accidents. Sometimes drivers outpace cyclists and don’t see them until it’s too late. Speeding, inattention, or excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages by the driver, or lack of visibility due to bad weather, or conversely, alcohol consumption by cyclists can also have tragic consequences. Always do visual scans from all angles before moving forward or backwardespecially at night, and avoid under any circumstances not drinking and driving at the same time.
  • Be careful when overtaking cyclist or driver.

But inevitably, accidents work and there begin to germinate a large number of unknowns that arise when facing unknown situations, then it is natural that we begin to think things like “What will happen next?”; “What should I say?”; Can I lose the case because I didn’t wear the helmet?”; ” Can I get compensation?”

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