Boxing champion ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley rescues injured child after crash on Highway 405

“Sugar” Shane Mosley rescued a father and his 2-year-old son after a multi-vehicle crash on Highway 405 that left the pair injured over the weekend, the former boxing champion told reporters.
“Sugar” Shane Mosley, who was credited with rescuing an injured child after an accident on the 405 freeway.
Mosley became the first to respond to the emergency on Sunday after witnessing the collision of four vehicles, he said in an interview.
The boxer jumped out of his vehicle to help Aaron Levy and his son, who was injured by broken glass.
“Honestly, I didn’t recognize it at first, because I was more interested in my son,” Levy said. “I realized he had giant forearms, so I said, ‘This guy is in really good shape, he could certainly help me.'”
Levy was too disoriented to get Dylan out of the vehicle, but Mosley was able to safely remove the injured child from his car seat.
“I could see the blood coming from his mouth. He was very hurt and hurt,” he said.
He then helped Levy out of the vehicle before both father and son were transported to a local hospital once paramedics arrived. It later emerged that both were fine.
The 44-year-old boxer took to Twitter to discuss the incident Sunday afternoon.
“My quick reaction in time saved that family. It is said that the baby and father I helped out of the vehicle are fine now,” he wrote shortly after 2 p.m. Levy said his wife, who is 7 months pregnant with the couple’s second child, said she was very grateful to Mosley for saving her family.
He said that on air during an interview in Woodland Hills, at his family’s home.
Levy added that when the boxer and his girlfriend helped them both, “it really was like looking at angels.”
Mosley told the media that he had gone through a similar experience with a fatal accident that killed his nephew.
“My nephew had passed away, and if someone had stopped to help him immediately, maybe my nephew would still be alive,” he said.
Mosley has invited the family for his next boxing match which is scheduled for the end of the month, offering them free tickets to the fight.

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