Amputation Lawsuits in Personal Injury Lawsuits Personal injuries

An amputation involves the removal of or part of a limb: An arm, hand, finger, leg, foot, or toe. Today there are nearly two million Americans who have had a limb amputated. Of course, some of these amputations occurred due to disease or military combat. Only when the amputation is Continue Reading

How to detect that medical negligence has occurred?

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One of the main doubts that our clients ask us as medical negligence lawyers, are those that may arise after receiving health care whose evolution or results have not been as expected, according to the information that medical professionals had previously provided us, It is to think that perhaps this Continue Reading

Personal Injury Facts You Should Know

In the world of law, the term “personal injury” refers to injuries that cause damage to the body, mind, or emotions of a person. Here are some personal injury facts you should know. Also, read about the types of damages you can seek – general damages, loss of companionship, medical Continue Reading

Who Can Be Sued for Their Role in a Birth Injury Case?

For birth injuries or medical misconduct, nurses, anesthesiologists, health care facilities, and pharmaceutical makers can all be held liable. Hospitals Hospitals can be public or private. Hospitals can be found directly accountable for their own wrongdoing as well as “vicariously” liable for the negligence of its personnel in medical malpractice Continue Reading