Drivers’ addiction to social media to the only place it can take them is straight to a car accident

This 2016, social networks such as Instagram and Snapchat are emerging social media platforms are expected to exceed 200 million users. These social media platforms are very popular especially among teenagers aged 14 to 21 years old. And, most of them are first-time or inexperienced car drivers. Being addicted to social media, these young drivers tend to give their smartphone an occasional glance while driving, sometimes their attention is focused more on the phone than the road. This is a very dangerous behavior among young drivers that can lead to a fatal car accident.
Why is social media addictive?
Social media is so addictive that users stay glued to their smartphone all the time, even though users are doing something more important. The user can send photos, texts or videos to someone through these platforms.
In some social networks, such as a very popular one today, called Snapchat has the particularity that the photos or text uploaded by users disappear 10 seconds after the receiver has seen it. This feature makes Snapchat addictive, as the user tends to see the photos or text as soon as the notification appears on their smartphone screen, knowing that those messages will disappear soon.
The user’s attention while behind the wheel will be redirected and focused solely on their smartphone to view incoming messages. That is a very dangerous thing and users should not use this app while driving.
Snapchat has added a new tool that makes it more dangerous for users. The Snapchat Speed (MPH) filter. This tool is intended to be used by users who are in some physical activities like, running, running, cycling, etc.
The purpose of the speed filter is to allow users to post or share the speed limit they reach on the video while performing those activities. However, some users are posting or sharing the speed of their car in order to brag about when compromising speed limits.
This can cause a fatal car collision.
Due to the serious danger of using Snapchat or any other social network on the cell phone while driving a car, there is now a law in the state of California that prohibits car drivers from using their cell phone while behind the wheel of their vehicle.
Several studies showed that one of the main causes of car accidents is that the driver is distracted, this happens when the driver loses all his attention that should be focused on the road and vehicles or other objects in front of his car. And, most of those drivers admitted during questioning with the police investigator that they were using their cell phone when the crash occurred.
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