Is it advisable to contact a referral lawyer service when you suffer an accident?

When you are involved in an accident, who should you call to fix it, a lawyer or a merchant?
Victims of accident cases whose resolution requires initiating a legal process should be cautious and beware of misleading advertisements that are presented in order to make you think you are calling a real lawyer, when in fact it is not true. You will hear on the radio many times commercials from countless advertising companies that talk about car injury and accident lawyers. Some of these ads are genuine and some are from people who are neither doctors nor carpenters, let alone lawyers. What accident victims don’t know is that calling a referral service for lawyers who are owned by businessmen is a lousy decision.
Referral attorney services make a lot of money from accident victims.
There are legitimate referral lawyer services that operate efficiently and as indicated in the advertising, such as a referral lawyer service and have professional lawyers from all areas of law, who pay a monthly fee to be included in their network. The efficient and certified referral lawyer service does a strict review of academic and legal background to make sure that the lawyers in your network are qualified lawyers.
A referral service works well when a person calls the lawyer referral service and it refers them to a lawyer who is trained to solve their problem. This is how all lawyer referral services are supposed to be. But this is not always the case.
There is another type of referral lawyer service that is growing rapidly and this referral service does not charge lawyers a fee to belong to your network, nor does it have any quality filters of the lawyers to whom the cases refer.
So if they don’t charge attorneys or charge fees, but are hungry for serious accident cases, how do they manage to keep these referral attorney services operating?
Well, here goes the “spoiler” the services of reference lawyers go out of their way to solve cases of accidents and injuries, especially those of traffic because their only interest is to keep the compensation that is known as “Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP)” that gives the insurance company, yes, the compensation you are claiming passes into the hands of the reference lawyer services company. Their misleading advertising makes him think in such a way that an innocent victim of a vehicle accident believes that they will receive the corresponding insurance money.
The victim’s car insurance is a method of payment for this type of referral attorney services.
This happens so often that insurance companies are prevented from paying lower compensation when they learn that victims treated at clinics are using a referral lawyer service.
The decision to hire a personal injury attorney in the state of California is vitally important. What factors must be taken into account when choosing it? Experience and proven results are two factors muy important. Attorney Contigo has a combined experience of more than 30 years helping people collect the appropriate compensation in personal injury cases due to the negligence of others in California and in the metropolitan area of Orange and California counties. In fact, we focus all our knowledge in the area of personal injury.

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