The Worst Types of Injuries That Can Be Sustained in a Car Accident

It is tricky to decide which type of injury is worse and the variety of injuries that can be suffered in a traffic accident is impressive, there are also different degrees of severity. In this article we have made a selection of the most serious and most frequent injuries. paralysis versus amputation. Blindness to concussion. The truth is, being in a car accident can mean some catastrophic injuries for the people involved. As Southern California personal injury attorneys, we know from experience that many clients end up with gruesome injuries after a car accident, some of those injuries take months and even years to heal completely, and unfortunately some that never finish healing. And as if that’s not threatening enough to intimidate the most prudent driver, here are some statistics: Your chances of dying in a traffic accident are 1 in 112, and distracted drivers increase the chances of dying or seriously injuring themselves in an accident 23 times. If you were in a distracted driving accident, know that authorities have ways to check if you are a negligent driver or not. One way to determine if the accident was caused by a negligent driver is to check the marks on the tires, because drivers who do not have their eyes on the road do not know they are about to have an accident and therefore do not brake violently.
Next, the worst injuries suffered in traffic accidents Whiplash is a very common injury in traffic
accidents. Due to the tearing of the vertebral ligaments of the neck you can suffer from chronic pain and sometimes they are permanent.
Concussion symptoms are: memory loss, dizziness, headaches, nausea and sequelae of psychological disorder as well, such as depression and emotional instability.
Coma is a state of indefinite loss of consciousness that can lead to death.
Paralysis isthe failure in muscle function that can be partial or complete caused by neck fracture or severe spinal cord injury.
Broken bones depending on the intensity of the blow can end with one or more broken bones, even remain immobilized or in a wheelchair for a long time.

Amputation happens in high-impact collisions, the bodily limbs of the victims can suffer detachment, mutilation, pulverize, in short, an irremediable destruction that in some cases the circumstances leave no other option for doctors than to surgically remove these diseases that can cause phantom limb pain syndrome, this means that you continue to feel some discomfort and discomfort as if the amputated limb were still being there.
Impalement yes, as well as read, impalement, many of the materials from which the vehicle is made such as plastic, metal, including other materials linked to the accident, such as wood and road objects. They can penetrate the skin at the time of impact causing very serious injuries and even death.
Blindness Glass shards that fly out in violent crashes or a strong cranial blow can cause total vision loss.
Death isn’t much to say about it, except that you could stop yourself from making the worst mistake of your life by avoiding being distracted while driving.

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