Being arrested is a traumatic experience no one wants to go through, but knowing what happens during an arrest can help you prepare so that you don’t spend any more time there than you have to. Here are some things that happen when you’re arrested.

1. You’re Taken to a Police Station

If you’re arrested, you’re typically taken to the police station unless you’re being arrested for a misdemeanor. With a misdemeanor, you may be allowed to go, but ordered to appear in court later.

2. You’re Booked Into the System

If you’re taken to the station, you’ll be booked into the system. The police will take your photograph and take your fingerprints. If you’re being arrested for a felony, the police might also take a DNA sample. Once you’ve been booked, you’re allowed to make a phone call.

3. You’re Sometimes Allowed To Post Bail

When you’re given permission, call your attorney. If you don’t know an attorney, call a family member and ask that relative to contact a bail bonding service such as bail bondsman Arkansas. A judge will determine the amount of bail you must post. A bail bonding service will cover the cost of that bail.

4. You Attend an Arraignment

A prosecuting attorney reviews the police report. If that attorney files criminal charges against you, you’ll need to make a first appearance in court, also called an arraignment. At that appearance, the judge will inform you of the charges and tell you that you have the right to a public defender if you can’t afford a criminal attorney.

At that point, it’s wise to contact a criminal defense attorney. Criminal charges are serious matters, and you could spend years in jail if you don’t have adequate representation, so make sure you can hire the best attorney you can afford.

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