truck on highway during daytime

All truck accidents, including minor ones, can cause truly catastrophic injuries. They are similar to regular car accidents, but truck collisions always deliver a much higher risk for passengers and drivers. This risk is mostly on the side of the people inside the other vehicle.

The truck has momentum and mass that are higher than passenger vehicles. As a result, most injuries will affect passenger vehicle occupants. This does include injuries like broken arms, permanent disfigurement, lifelong health issues, and internal injuries.

Out of the different possible injuries, according to Philadelphia truck accident lawyers, burns are particularly dire. They cause a lot of pain and can permanently scar the victim. This would become a constant reminder of what happened and is often associated with mental problems.

Burn Degrees

A burn is classified based on damage severity. We thus have 3 categories to mention:

  • First-Degree Burns – They are minor and only affect the skin’s outer layer. Sensitivity and redness can appear.
  • Second-Degree Burns – They are severe when compared to first-degree burns since they affect multiple skin layers. These burns can reach the muscles.
  • Third-Degree Burns – They are highly destructive. They will affect the skin, underlying tissues, muscles, nerves, and can even reach bones. Every single third-degree burn is life-threatening.

Years ago, truck accident victims who suffered second or third-degree burns were expected to have a short life expectancy. Although medicine evolved and much more can be done right now, all of these burns are still very dangerous.

Burn Complications

Burns can lead to serious complications. Besides the pain, severe burns lead to extreme blistering capable of changing the chemistry of the human body, develop infections, and damage blood vessels.

Skin cells are damaged when burned and then react by forming blisters. This is a process that can lead to several possible complications, like:

  • Low blood pressure – Victims sometimes need extra fluids and blood transfusions in order to maintain proper blood pressure and circulation.
  • Shock – Losing fluids interrupt circulation and can stop the brain from having access to the needed nutrients.
  • Infections – As the burn damages the skin, it also destroys the protection the body has against infections. The tissue that becomes exposed is very easy to be affected by bacterial infections. Also, as the blisters rupture, the area that becomes visible is basically an open wound.

Fortunately, medicine is constantly evolving. Brand new techniques are being developed to both mitigate and prevent burn complications. We have access to modern burn centers with incredible results. Sometimes, even burn victims with a body that is 90% affected can recover. However, scarring and permanent disfigurement are almost always visible in serious cases.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, burns can be very problematic, and unfortunately, they are quite common in truck accidents. It is very important to contact an experienced truck accident attorney as soon as possible when you are hurt in a collision with a truck. You do not want to have to deal with serious medical procedures while you worry if you will be able to afford them in the future.