Even though accidents involving trucks can often be horrific and catastrophic, the trucking industry has been trying to implement new technology to prevent traffic accidents.
Some companies are using a reporting system called Telematics. Telematics can track and also report on-road behaviors for each of your drivers, such as breakage and acceleration, seat belt use and much more. If a driver is flagged for one (or several) violations of these behaviors on the road, drivers can face serious consequences.

¿ What measures are being taken to reduce these accidents?

Recently, Volvo’s trucking division created an emergency braking system, which involves a series of steps designed to prevent one of its trucks from crashing into the rear of a slowed or stopped vehicle.
The emergency braking system uses radar to detect vehicles in front of the truck. It first shows the driver a flashing red light.
Then, if the driver doesn’t notice the light, the braking system adds a beep. If these alerts fail, the system takes action, and will gently begin to apply the brake and eventually, using the emergency brakes, will cause the truck to come to a complete stop.
The legal handling of truck accidents is a very complicated thing. Many times, an injured victim has to deal with a variety of issues related to parties, drivers, employers, and so on. If you have been injured in a truck accident, call Attorney with you immediately.

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