Car accidents are a daily occurrence in our country. We only have to look at the statistics, which tell us that there are more than 5 million accidents a year, of which 3 million cause damage of some kind. It is almost impossible to avoid being a victim of a traffic accident, whether mild or drastic, so you have to be prepared. If you suffer a car accident and you are the person affected, then you should call a car accident attorney, in order to settle the case and get compensation depending on the severity of the matter. But how do you know if the lawyer is right for your situation? You should ask specific questions, and in this article we will let them know, so you can get the advice and guidance of the best lawyer.

But before

Many people make the very serious mistake of talking to the insurance company before their lawyer is not part of them. On the contrary, do the right thing and talk to your lawyer before you want to contact the opposing insurer, they will try to lessen the severity of the case, in order to give you less compensation or none in some scenarios. Don’t be a victim of them, contact an excellent lawyer like the ones you can find in and take matters into their own hands from the beginning.
Now, let’s see how you should select the best lawyer for this job.

What to ask

There are certain questions that can make a big difference. If your lawyer can answer them all with ease and confidence, it means that he is someone with the experience and knowledge necessary to take your case on track and achieve the expected results. With nothing more to add, let’s start with the questions:

What is your area of work or specialization?

As you may know, there are multiple areas when it comes to law and law. Therefore, the most indicated in these cases is to have a lawyer specialized in traffic accidents, as an example you have this same website and team, we have lawyers with extensive experience and specialized in car accidents of all kinds.

How many traffic accident cases are you in charge of?

This is important. Some lawyers make the mistake of taking every case that comes their way, which in the end leads to bad results for both the client and the lawyer himself. So, be sure to be upfront and ask how many cases you are currently handling it, and if you will have the time to handle yours in an orderly and professional manner, because to win the battle against the insurer, you will need an attorney fully committed to you.

If you reject the insurer’s proposal, are you willing to take the case to court?

The insurer will still try to get rid of all this mess as soon as possible, as long as it is for the lowest price. That is why you may most likely have to take the case to court, especially if the proposed compensation is far below expectations. Make sure your lawyer is willing to go all the way to these instances, because there is nothing worse than a lawyer dropping the case halfway.

How long does it take for a case like mine to reach a solution?

It is always necessary to have a referential time frame. To this we can add questions about whether you have dealt with similar cases before or if you can provide us with testimonials from previous clients.


These would be the most important questions you should ask your lawyer. In you will not have to, because all our staff is prepared and specialized.

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