In Los Angeles, traffic accidents are not uncommon. In itself, many occur day by day and one of those affected may be you. It should be remembered that more than 5 million car collisions are reported each year. And in this article we will analyze what are the biggest causes, as well as what to do after being a victim of one of these unfortunate incidents.

The list

Excessive speed:

Many people don’t seem to understand the purpose of speed limits on roads and highways. These signs exist for a specific reason: to protect you and others. If you want to preserve your own peace and quiet by avoiding accidents, obey the speed limits of each road.

Drunk driving:

Driving in an ethyl state is another major cause of accidents. A person in this state of intoxication is 9 times likely to generate an accident than a sober person. This is because they tend to perform groggy actions and not obey road signs. These cases are often treated differently, and you should have an attorney who knows how to do it. Here at accident attorney we have attorneys who specialize in all types of car accidents.

Bad weather:

Bad weather is another factor present in several traffic accidents. When driving in the rain, especially in Los Angeles, it becomes especially dangerous because the roads become slippery, which makes braking abruptly a terrible idea, as well as accelerating or wanting to gain the right of way to other vehicles. For anyone who wants to stay safe, it is best to drive at low speed and be very cautious in the movements, as well as having good tires and windshield wipers.


Distractions contribute to even more accidents every year. The most common are accidents caused by the distraction of talking on the cell phone, or even by sending text messages. Therefore, in vain it is not recommended not to use the cell phone while driving, but even so many people ignore it, generating more accidents year after year.
But it’s not just cell phones, there are other, more subtle distractions such as talking to the co-pilot or other passengers while driving. Eating while driving is another lousy idea, as well as trying to catch up far from you while the car is in full gear. There have even been reported accidents caused by the driver being distracted by changing radio stations.
As you can see distractions are a dangerous element. Consider driving as a serious activity and that in doing so you are in charge of the tranquility and safety of other people, so take it seriously and focus on the road and nothing else.

What to do when you have an accident?

It is incredible the number of people who do not know what to do after being victims of a car accident, we refer to the legal procedures and procedures. Insurers will always be looking for ways to fix the problem with as little money as possible. Therefore, you must have a lawyer to evaluate the first offer of compensation and see if it really goes according to the severity of the accident. If you don’t, you should have an attorney who is willing to go all the way to the last instances, who is determined to take the case to court. In other words, you should work with a car accident attorney willing to devote time and effort to your case in order to achieve fair reparation for you.
At accident attorney we are more than willing to provide you with assistance and guidance throughout the process.

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