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What is the Function of Legal Officer in the Company? In the world of lectures, majoring in law is one of the courses most sought after by prospective students.

It is not only his knowledge that is interesting to be explored and also broad employment.

But the salary or wages obtained are also quite a reason to choose law majors as the foundation of the career path that will be taken.

Law graduates usually work in various types of work, for example, becoming judges, lawyers, notaries, or prosecutors.

In addition, the profession as a legal officer can also be an option for law graduates.

For ordinary people, this profession is rarely heard.

However, for law graduates, legal officers have become a profession that is quite popular and much in demand among people.

The legal officer profession is one of the most important positions in the company.

Because the profession is needed to encourage increased performance, increase company value.
And maintain corporate security both internally and externally.
In more detail, consider the explanation of the following legal officer duties and functions:
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What is the Function of Legal Officer in the Company?

1. Monitoring of Company Licensing

One of the main tasks of the legal officer is to take care of all licensing matters concerning the company.

Usually, this legal officer will be tasked with overseeing and managing company licensing related to various businesses that are run by the company.

The function of the legal officer profession is a bridge of cooperation between companies with external parties.

Both with other companies or related governments that concern about licensing.

Thus, a legal officer is required to be skilled in making contracts, draft concepts, and legal opinions to facilitate his duties and responsibilities.

2. A mainstay of the Company in Legal Issues

Legal officers also have a very large share of various problems that may be experienced by the company.

Especially in legal issues, for example, if the company is involved in a legal dispute.

So, advice and advice from legal officers are needed by the company to determine the best legal decisions.

Whether to act attacking or defending if involved in such problems.

In addition, the internal legal officer also functions as a corporate advisor.

Advice from legal officers is needed when the company experiences various kinds of problems faced by the company.

That way, the advice given by legal officers can be taken into consideration by directors and other superiors in making company decisions.

3. Taking care of the Agreement

One of the company’s activities that is useful to add value to the company is to collaborate with other companies.

The cooperation activities with other companies certainly contain various provisions.

And agreements that must be carried out and obeyed by both parties.

In this activity, legal officers have a role in managing and formulating cooperation agreements between companies.

This one task certainly requires the accuracy of legal officers so that all provisions and agreements between companies are copied completely.

In detail, and unambiguous. That way, the agreement runs smoothly and in carrying out cooperation no party feels disadvantaged.
The Need for Insights to Grow
Having an important position and role in the sustainability of the company.

Legal officers should always be up to date on the development of insight into the issue of regulations issued by the government for the company.

There is nothing wrong with a legal officer to always learn and open up to receive legal knowledge and follow developments.

And new adjustments issued by the government.

So that the actions and advice given in dealing with legal issues can be relevant to existing regulations.

What is the Function of Legal Officer in the Company?

Usually, in a company there is one part that is in charge of the legal field of a company, the Legal Officer.
What is the function of the Legal Officer in the Company?

For this reason, in this article LawCorner will discuss briefly the work of this law.

Legal Officer has a function and role that is quite important in a company.

Because the establishment of a company, company operations, is very dependent on the name Legality, licensing and the like.
Without a Company License, the Company can certainly be Stuck in the middle of the road.
Therefore, with the presence of a Legal Officer tasked with assisting the management of all documents, legality, licensing.
And other legal issues within the company internal or external.
The company can continue to operate without being involved in legal issues.

The function of Legal Officer

Legal Officer is located directly under the Board of Directors and expert staff of directors because its role is quite important for a company.

With this position, the Legal Officer can more easily coordinate with the internal parts of the Company.

Such as Accounting, Marketing, HRD, and Internal Audit.

This Legal Officer must be truly a person who has high loyalty to the Company.

Because this strategic position can make a Legal Officer have almost all the information about the company.
So he must be careful in choosing a Legal Officer. In addition, Legal Officer also has advantages for the company.
With its strategic position can be an alarm that can immediately detect the existence of legal problems in the Company’s Internal.

So that it can be directly addressed without waiting for a long time.

Externally, the Legal Officer is the liaison between the Company and the Company External Party in terms of Cooperation.

Both government and private parties.
To ensure Cooperation with the Government, Legal Officers need to ensure that all Company Licenses have been fulfilled.
Then make a list of licenses together with the concept of submission to be deposited with Government Agencies.
If Cooperation with Private Parties such as vendors or business partners, Legal Officer must prepare a cooperation contract and monitor it.

The function of the Legal Officer in the Company

In conclusion, the Legal Officer has three main tasks in a company, namely:

  •   As a Company Advocate, as representing the company if a problem occurs in the Court
  •   As a Company Implementer, as mentioned earlier, prepare and administer Licensing. And other documents both for the Company Internal and the Company External.
  • As a Company Legal Consultant, such as giving advice or advice regarding the law to the leaders of the company.

That’s the general picture of the Professional Legal Officer. Hopefully this article from HukumCorner can be useful to you

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