All business have to change as the world does or they will be forgotten about, and the same thing goes for law firms. Even the most traditional of law firms has to ensure that they are focused on the best ways to attract their clients, and this is why having an online presence is so important. What we mean by having an online presence is active social media channels, a blog and a well created and functioning website. There are too many benefits which a firm will miss out on if they do not have an online presence, and here is exactly why it is so important.

Organic Search 

Recent figures suggest that more than 70% of our clients find their law firm of choice through an online search. Often this means hitting the search engine and typing in something along the lines of ‘personal injury attorney near me’. The question is what will they find when they do search these kinds of terms? If you have an online presence and you have invested in some SEO, you could feature when clients are looking for a law firm. This is going to see a huge increase in client numbers for you.

Creates a Reputation 

Law firms live and die based on their reputation but simply being known as winners is no longer enough. What people want from a law firm is to know that they are working with an established firm which places a high level of focus on customer service. The best way in which law firms can improve their reputation is by having a solid online presence, which encourages people to leave reviews. So many people base their choices on which business they will use, based on the quality these reviews. The stronger the online presence you have, the more likely you will be to have high quality reviews written about your firm.

Free Marketing

There are many marketing tools which your firm may look into using, with many of them being free of charge. One of the best ways in which your firm can really make a name for itself is by having this kind of online presence. Your social media pages and blog will deliver marketing for you, and encourage more clients to look at using your firm and what it has to offer.

Showcasing Quality 

Ultimately if your law firm is doing great work for its clients and delivering a high level of service, it is important that the world knows about it. Previously this could only have been achieved through word of mouth, but these days you can do it on your own. Using your online presence you can deliver news to the world about all of the great achievements which your law firm has, and talk about the reason why the firm is better than the competition.

Ultimately through a great online presence your law firm can deliver higher levels of success.

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